Six million motorists forget MoT

One in five motorists has been more than a month overdue when renewing their MoT, a survey has shown.

Kwik-Fit said that more than six million motorists admitted to driving their car without an MoT because they forgot the renewal date.

The firm is now offering customers a free email reminder service to stop them picking up a £60 fine as a result. Motorists who are caught driving vehicles without a valid MoT certificate could also have their car insurance invalidated.

David White, customer services director at Kwik-Fit, said: "We welcome any initiative that prompts motorists to remember their renewal date but they should be aware that they can already access a free reminder service through Kwik-Fit,"

"Forgetting to MoT your car may seem like a minor oversight but it's a widespread problem that can have serious consequences."

He said that March was the busiest month for MoTs and predicted that numbers of forgetful motorists driving illegally would escalate over the period.

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