Site shows spread of charge points

The number of charging points mapped on green transport specialist Next Green Car's website has more than doubled in under a year., which offers independent expert advice for electric vehicle users, runs a mapping service called Zap-Map, which pinpoints car charging points around the UK. In April 2011 the number of points mapped was 700, a figure that has now climbed past 2,000.

As well as the proliferation of charging stations, the speed of the charge offered has been seen to increase also, with most points on Zap-Map having changed from slow six to eight-hour charge times to supplies that take a maximum of four hours to fully charge a vehicle. Both standards of unit can generally achieve an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes.

Editor of Next Green Car Dr Ben Lane said: "With the advent of the Plug-in Van grant, and the imminent launch of several new electric vehicles and two innovative electric cars, a robust and extensive charging point infrastructure is more important than ever."

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