Site reveals real car-economy data

Thousands of drivers have been complaining that their cars won't be able to hit the manufacturers' claimed fuel economy figures, but now there is a new resource that can provide a more realistic and positive outlook.

Consumer motoring resource has created a 'real mpg' section on its website, which will help owners all round the country to identify their cars actual real-world average.

Four months worth of the data has been collected, with cars less than five years old a major part of the study.

Depending on the demands of cars, there is now a range of mpg figures achieved in the real world, from the highest to lowest and offering an overall average for that car and engine.This could help motorists cut down on the number of times they need to usebreakdown cover by reliably indicating how far a tank of petrol will get them.

For example, the 2009 1.5 dCi 85bhp Renault Clio claims to reach the heights of 64.2mpg, but with inputs ranging from 51.9mpg to 56.5mpg, the real-world average for the car is currently 53.8mpg, around 16% less than the claimed figure.

With few cars possessing average economic figures, the website in encouraging everyone to take a minute and enter their real mpg data.

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