Sir Paul fashions new Land Rover

Sir Paul fashions new Land Rover

One of Britain's legendary fashion designers is behind Land Rover's latest model.

Sir Paul Smith's new, one-off Defender includes a bespoke finish on the inside and 27 different colours on the outside.

Sir Paul wanted his colour mix to be "deep", "rich", "surprising" and "working together". He owns one himself in his Italian countryside home, which puts it to the test being situated in rugged terrain.

The designer promised plenty of small "hidden details" across his new off-road utility motor. Inside the new Defender's glove compartment there is a car keys picture and the roof boasts a "tongue-in-cheek" hand-painted bee.

He has brought in his own trademark fascia to replace the customary Defender clock.

In addition, Easter egg designs and blue stitching abound on the black leather interior.

It is Land Rover's last throw of the dice for the four-wheel-drive model, which goes out of production later this year because of stricter emissions rules.

A substitute for the Defender has neither yet been finished or confirmed.

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