Sir Chris Hoy wrecks £80,000 Jaguar

Sir Chris Hoy has totalled his £80,000 Jaguar in a crash, it has been revealed.

The Olympic cycling champion's XKR sports car was hit by a Vauxhall Vectra as he was reportedly turning right into a main road.

Police have said that no-one was hurt in the smash.

Despite this, the crash may affect Sir Chris'scar insurance premium costs.

A witness told The Sun: "He was turning right. He must have looked left, seen it was clear and thought it was clear on the right.

"The car coming down the road basically clattered into him at right angles."

The gold-medallist's car was left in the middle of the road surrounded by debris, according to the witness.

Sir Chris's spokesman confirmed that the cycling star was not hurt in the bump and said he is continuing to prepare for the beginning of the season.

He added that neither of the cars had anyone else in them.

"Chris was slowly edging forwards to turn right into a main road when the front of his car was hit from the right by a car that had overtaken the queue of stationary traffic by driving on the chevron area.

"The driver of the other car apologised to Chris and admitted it was his fault," he said.

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