Singles go 'extra mile for love'

A survey has found that people in search of their perfect partner are prepared to drive more than 60 miles just to go on a date.

According to the poll by Vauxhall, single people are looking for love further afield than their local town, and 20% of unmarried adults have been on a date or had a relationship with a partner more than 150 miles away.

The results of the survey of 1,500 unmarried adults show that people in the south-west of England are most prepared to look for a long-distance relationship, but singles in the East Midlands are the least willing to travel for romance.

The furthest people would travel for a date is 63 miles, but this rises to 73 miles for unmarried people in south-west England.

However, singles in the the East Midlands would only be prepared to travel 46 miles for a date.

Simon Ewart of Vauxhall said: "We really are prepared to go the extra mile for love. Technology coupled with greater car ownership means we are more mobile in our search for 'the one'."

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