Silverstone replicated in Lapland

The Silverstone racing circuit is to be replicated in Swedish Lapland for travellers able to drive high-end sports cars on ice tracks.

The package was announced by Laponie Ice Driving whose season next year runs from January to March.

The tracks follow the same course as Formula One circuits.

Travellers taking in a visit to the circuit while getting around Sweden on a driving break will have to ensure they take care of themselves the rest of the time, especially through European Breakdown Cover.

Four hours of driving per day with an instructor are on offer in 16 packages, after which guests can enjoy a warm drink and access the internet with Wi-Fi connections at one of the two Laponie Ice Driving clubhouses in the village of Arjeplog.

There are 23 sports cars in the 2012 fleet, including the latest addition, a Corvette Z06.

The others include a Porsche Boxster and a Mitsubishi EVO IX.

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