Siemens to show off charging tech

Siemens to show off charging tech

Siemens will showcase its triple head rapid charger for electric vehicles at the fifth E-cosse Stakeholder forum in Edinburgh.

The engineering and electronics firm will use BMW's i3 electric supermini for the demonstration at the event, which will discuss how Scotland is advancing in its plans to install fast chargers across the country at no more than 50 mile intervals.

It unveiled the new range of multi-standard rapid charging points earlier this year, and has since been awarded a contract by Aberdeen City Council to install and maintain electric vehicle charging points in the city.

Under the agreement, the existing Aberdeen network will be extended with two AC fast chargers and one triple-standard rapid charger, that is capable of delivering an 80% charge in around half an hour.

The project will be the first large scale deployment of the multi-standard rapid charging points technology from Siemens.

A representative from the CHAdeMO Association will also provide a global overview on the development of rapid charger standards and deployment at the E-cosse Stakeholder forum.

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