Should hands-free be made illegal?

Should hands-free be made illegal?

More than one in 10 drivers still illegally use a mobile phone while driving, according to a survey involving road safety charity Brake.

The poll also found that 4% regularly send or read text messages while behind the wheel, although overall the number of people using phones in the car has decreased from 36% in 2006, to 13% now.

More motorists are using hand-free devices than they were eight years ago, with 38% using devices now compared to 22% in 2006.

Holding mobile phones while driving has been illegal for a decade, but Brake wants to extend the ban to cover hands-free devices.

The poll of 1,000 drivers, revealed that 68% believe using a mobile in any way while driving is dangerous, even though just 36% support a hands-free ban.

Only 4% agree that mobile phone use of any type should be allowed.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said it is shocking that one in eight drivers still flout the law, a decade after the ban came in.

She added that a hands-free kit does not offer a safe alternative and calls on the Government to implement a more encompassing ban on mobile use while driving.

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