Shoppers drive miles for bargains

A boot full of credit-crunch deals is the latest motoring must-have for shoppers out cruising the nation's high streets.

Car giant Vauxhall reports that 67% of us are now FYBs - Fill Your Boot-ers - who are out to drive a hard sales bargain.

The company said that motorists are getting out to enjoy "the unprecedented sales and deals available on the high street".

It reports that many shoppers - mainly women - have abandoned the internet in favour of visiting the sales, sometimes seven times a week.

Research reveals that 5% of motorists - 2.16 million of us - have done a round shopping trip of more than 50 miles, with an average of at least 15 miles.

This totals 647 million miles driven in the UK since Christmas, with half of those questioned saying they derived a high sense of achievement and pleasure going home with a boot full of bargains.

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