Shocking seat belt advert launched

Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick has launched a shocking new campaign to highlight the deadly consequences of not wearing a seat belt.

A new TV advert highlighting the devastation caused in a road accident when seat belts are not worn shows graphic images of the fatal damage caused to internal organs.

The £2.6m THINK! campaign is aimed at reminding drivers and passengers that by not belting up they are risking death or serious injury, even at everyday speeds like 30mph.

If all drivers and passengers belt up every time they get in a car, one life could be saved each day, according to statistics.

Mr Fitzpatrick said: "Every day someone dies simply because they are not wearing a seat belt. That's a tragic waste that could be avoided if everyone took the simple step of belting up whenever they got in a car.

"If you have a crash without wearing a seat belt you actually experience three crashes, even at everyday speeds like 30mph.

"First, your car crashes and stops. Second - because there's nothing to stop you moving - your body carries on and hits the inside of the car. Third, you stop but your internal organs keep moving, hitting the inside of your body and tearing under the force of the impact."

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