Ships 'told to look out for Corsa'

Ships using the Bristol Channel have been told to look out for a Vauxhall Corsa that might have floated out to sea.

Crews had hoped they would be able to recover the silver 61-plate vehicle at low tide on Tuesday but were unable to. Swansea Coastguard now believes it could be anywhere in the Channel.

This incident highlights the importance of making sure a vehicle is parked safely so drivers can avoid making a car insurance claim.

The car went into the water after it was parked on a slipway close to Knab Rock in Mumbles, Swansea at 5.40pm on Monday.

There were two occupants inside when the vehicle was parked, but a Swansea Coastguard spokesman revealed that they managed to get to safety before the car became fully submerged.

"A local recovery service was called out, but they were unable to recover the vehicle," the spokesman said.

"We broadcast navigation warnings every four hours, and in that broadcast today we have asked vessels to look out for a silver Vauxhall Corsa.

"It is possible it could be anywhere in the Bristol Channel."

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