Sheen's stolen car found down cliff

Charlie Sheen's Mercedes has been found overturned off a cliff near the actor's house in Los Angeles after being reported stolen earlier the night before.

Police have no evidence of anyone being inside the vehicle at the time of its plunge into the ravine on Sunday.

They reported that three other cars were burgled in the area and a photographer also stumbled upon a crashed Bentley further away on the same road.

Officer Wendy Reyes said a system alerting emergency services in case of a vehicular problem contacted the police at around 4am.

Sheen, 44, sought help over his four-door Mercedes-Benz, which was taken away from his Sherman Oaks home at around the same time.

A search was launched and the car was found 300-400ft below a cliff in a ravine in an overturned position, with nobody inside or around the car, Officer Bruce Borihanh said.

Sheen's publicist Stan Rosenfield said: "Charlie is fine, and the police are investigating."

The Bentley was found down the cliff a few roads away several hours after the troubled actor's car was hauled up, officials said.

Three other cars were broken into during the night in the area, police spokesman Richard French said.

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