Sharing the road with other users

Sharing the road with other users

Patience and an understanding of other road users are the key to ensuring that drivers complete a safe journey, according to motoring specialist Peter Rodger.

Mr Rodger, of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, has issued new expert advice to drivers on how to share the road with other users.

In particular, car users need to be watchful for cyclists.

Most motorists will have had an occasion when they were left frustrated after getting stuck behind a cyclist with little room to pass. However, it is important to wait until the right opportunity arises before overtaking and to make sure to leave plenty of space when passing in case they suddenly need to veer out to avoid a pothole.

Remember, in different circumstances it could be your child or a friend who is riding the bike and you should treat all cyclists with the respect you would want drivers to afford to your loved ones.

Drivers also need to be aware of motorcyclists. Motorists should check their mirrors regularly to ensure they can spot any bikes approaching, especially if changing direction or lanes, and if a motorcyclist is trying to get past in heavy traffic - let them.

Finally, Mr Rodger warned that the most common cause of road accidents is failing to look properly. He said giving early signals to allow other road users time to react and checking for bikes before opening doors when parked should help stamp out such avoidable collisions.

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