Severn Bridges tolls set to rise

Motorists using either of the Severn Bridge road crossings will have to pay more to do so from next year, it has been revealed.

Severn River Crossing confirmed that the toll for car users will rise from £5.70 to £6, while small goods vehicles and small buses will pay £12.10 (up from £11.50) and HGV and buses will pay £18.10 (up from £17.20) from January 1.

The price rises could prompt more motorists to shop around cheapercar insurance deals in an attempt to keep their motoring costs down.

Anti-toll campaigners described the price hikes as a "bitter pill to swallow" from motorists, who have had to contend with repeated fuel price rises.

It cost just over two shillings (12p) to use the crossing when the first Severn Bridge opened in 1966. Motorists had to fork out £3.90 for the privilege when the second crossing was opened 30 years later.

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