Seven tyre-safety tips for winter

TyreSafe has published seven simple tyre-safety tips aimed at helping reduce the number of accidents involving motorists driving on illegal tyres during winter.

According to the 'Magnificent 7' list, released as the Tyre Safety Month campaign gets under way, motorists should make sure that their tyres undergo the '20p test' to check if they have adequate tread depth to keep them safe on the roads.

TyreSafe also advises drivers to ensure that their tyres are properly inflated and that they do not have any lumps, bulges or cracks.

The tread, pressures and condition of the spare tyre should also be checked.

Wheels on cars that are not used during winter should be removed or jacked, according to TyreSafe.

Motorists should also make sure that they have taken out a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Vehicle owners are also advised to visit their nearest tyre dealer for free tyre safety checks as part of the Tyre Safety Month.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said: "This October's Tyre Safety Month concentrates getting drivers ready for winter.

"While fitting winter weather tyres is an obvious and sensible option, there are plenty of other aspects of tyre maintenance that all drivers should be doing, regardless of whether they make the switch to winter rubber or not."

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