Service gets stolen cars back fast

Police in Manchester using a new service were able to trace and recover a stolen Audi within 10 minutes, a vehicle tracking firm has revealed.

Tracker's new service - Tracker Check - allows police direct access via the internet to the firm's data.

It is designed to help cut down the time it takes police officers to trace and recover stolen vehicles.

Having a tracking device can help cut car insurance premiums as well as get the vehicle back if it's ever stolen.

Stuart Chapman, police relationship manager at Tracker, said: "Previously police had to telephone Tracker to request details of a stolen vehicle.

"Now police forces can simply log on to a secure web link to gain access to our own technology and do everything they need remotely."

With the help of the new service, police officers picking up a signal from a stolen car can remotely view any information about the vehicle available with Tracker and the circumstances of its theft.

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