Senna Formula 1 car to be auctioned

A Formula One car driven by Ayrton Senna in his first race in the competition is being auctioned for at least £750,000.

Senna drove the Toleman TG184-2 in his first season back in 1984. The car is to be sold off by its private owner at Silverstone Auctions in May.

It is said to be best-known for coming second at the Monaco Grand Prix of that year, although Senna also raced it to third place in the 1984 British Grand Prix and to seventh in the Canadian Grand Prix.

One wonders what kind of car insurance that type of environment demands.

At an auction earlier this year, Senna's racing suit and helmet fetched a respective £35,650 and £74,750, much more than the estimated price before the sales.

Silverstone Auctions's Nick Whale said: "We are thrilled to bring this iconic race car to auction as it's undoubtedly one of the most important lots we've ever offered under the hammer.

"Senna mania is reaching fever pitch and rightly so, as he's considered by many as the greatest F1 driver we've ever seen.

"It goes without saying that this will be one of the star attractions at the sale as it's a very rare chance to own a much sought-after piece of motorsport and Ayrton Senna history."

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