Second drink doubles risk of fatal crash

Second drink doubles risk of fatal crash

A new hard-hitting advert is being screened to highlight the dangers of motorists downing a second alcoholic drink before driving.

The ad has been made for the Department for Transport's Think! campaign. It has been produced in response to research showing that a second drink can double people's risk of being involved in a fatal road crash coupled with a poll revealing motorists' readiness to drink and drive.

One in 10 of those surveyed in England and Wales admit they would get behind the wheel after having two or more drinks, suggesting that millions of drivers could be putting lives at risk.

Only 51% of those questioned say they would always steer clear of drinking any alcohol at all before driving. And the proportion saying they would take to the road after more than one drink jumps to nearly one in five (19%) among men aged between 18 and 34.

Sarah Sillars, the chief operating officer at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, says it works to help rehabilitate many drink-drivers who have mistakenly believed that having a second tipple would not do any harm.

She stresses that the easiest way to avoid trouble is for people to avoid drinking altogether if they are driving.

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