Seatbelt tips to keep babies safe

Seatbelt tips to keep babies safe

Pregnant women are advised to take a number of precautions while driving to keep their babies safe.

Amanda Smith, an advanced driver and guest of road safety charity IAM, said that correct use of the seatbelt is critical. Smith reminded mothers-to-be that the seat belt is the only thing protecting you from hitting the steering wheel in the event of a crash.

The diagonal strap on the belt should be placed between the breasts and around the side of the bump. The lap strap should be kept as low as possible when placed across and situated below the bump.

The seatbelt should be adjusted to maximise the level of comfort, although it should not be worn over the middle of the bump. Incorrect use could lead the baby to be harmed if a collision occurs.

Smith added: "There is much advice available on whether or not is it safe to drive while you're pregnant. As long as you feel well and are comfortable, you can continue to drive up until labour."

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