Seat 'shapes up' for low emissions

Spanish car manufacturer Seat has announced it is to showcase two variants of the new Ibiza at the Paris Motor Show.

Both variants, the sporty Cupra and high efficiency Ecomotive models are models Seat fans will be familiar with. The new-shape cars will also to sneak into the tax-free bracket for UK cars with emissions of just 99g/km CO2.

Low emissions and high fuel consumption are achieved through a remapped 1.4-litre turbo diesel engine, low-rolling resistance tyres and modified gear ratios.

It features a 178bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine, both supercharged and turbocharged, alongside a seven-speed version of the twin-clutch DSG gearbox operated by steering column mounted paddles.

The new Cupra has the Ibiza Sport Coupe-style three-door body and also boasts sporty exterior and interior details, including sport seats and a rear diffuser.

Visitors to the Paris Motor Show can get an early look at the Cupra, which Seat believe will be one of the sportiest looking high economy models in the UK.

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