Scrappage scheme boost green cars

The scrappage scheme has helped to promote the take-up of cleaner, more fuel efficient cars, according to new figures.

The average CO2 emissions rating of cars bought through the scheme was 10% below the overall new-car market average and 27% below those of a scrapped car.

Between May and December 2009, some 284,479 car were registered through the scheme.

Commenting on the data, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) chief executive Paul Everitt said, "The Scrappage Incentive Scheme has helped significantly to increase new car registrations in each of the last six months, including a 38.9% increase in the December 2009 market.

"This has provided an important boost to the UK motor industry and greater confidence for consumers.

"The scheme will continue until the end of February and there is still an opportunity for around 85,000 more consumers to take advantage of it.

"Alongside the economic benefits, the scheme has helped to promote the take-up of cleaner, safer and more fuel efficient vehicles."

According to the data, the scrappage scheme accounted for 20.9% of all new car registrations in December, on par with the 20.6% level seen since May. So far, cars account for 98.3% of total vehicles through the scheme.

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