Scrappage offer `not generous enough`

The Government`s scrappage scheme to be introduced later this month to boost flagging car sales is unlikely to find many takers, a new survey suggests.

Around 81% of those eligible for the offer say they will not be taking advantage of it, with 70% saying it was not generous enough, according to a poll of 600 motorists by Parker's car buying guide.

The scheme outlined in this year`s Budget offers owners of 10-year-old cars and older a £2,000 discount on new vehicles, with half the cash coming from the Government and the rest from manufacturers.

Parker's editor Kieren Puffet said the proposal has been a disappointment for many motorists who have found that some existing deals will get them bigger discounts.

He said: "There were a lot of people hoping that it would work for them but, when the details emerged, it was not as good a deal as they were expecting.

"For bigger cars there are other ways to get bigger savings, especially on pre-registered plates."

Similar "bangers for cash" schemes have been successful in Europe, especially in Germany where car sales rose 40% in March.

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