Scottish drink-drive limit may drop

Scottish drink-drive limit may drop

The proposal to lower the drink-drive limit in Scotland from 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood to 50mg will be opened for consultation in the next few weeks.

The changes to the drink-driving limit were proposed by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill and last month Mr MacAskill said he hoped that the changes would "take effect as soon as possible".

Holyrood has only just been transferred the power to change drink-driving limits, with the responsibility moving from Westminster as part of the Scotland Act's changes to devolution. The Scottish Government also now has powers to change the national speed limit.

Commenting on the new responsibilities, the cabinet secretary for government strategy, Bruce Crawford, said that the Scottish Government welcomes them and will move "quickly" to use the powers to help the Scottish people.

Mr Crawford said that Mr MacAskill will chair a meeting "over the summer" about the drink-drive limit changes, with consultations beginning "in the coming weeks".

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