Scots 'most hot-headed drivers'

Scottish motorists have the most volatile tempers, while those in Northern Ireland are the most relaxed and contented drivers, a new survey has found.

According to a poll by sat nav maker Navigon, close to half (47%) of Scottish drivers said they were likely to lose their cool if caught in a traffic jam, with as many as 87% admitting they have sworn at a fellow motorist.

In contrast, half of Northern Irish drivers rarely lose their cool on the road, while more than a third carry along chill-out music for lengthy trips.

Nearly one out of 10 Scots also admitted they find passengers talking to them in the car irritating.

People from Yorkshire appear to be the most confident road users, with more than 40% claiming they never get lost on journeys.

Navigon's UK manager Peter Blampied said: "Driving any distance, particularly in bad weather, can be challenging.

"We hope this research will make drivers more aware of other people's attitudes when taking to the road, especially in bad conditions."

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