Scotland trials road de-icer liquid

Transport officials in Scotland have successfully trialled a new de-icing liquid which could serve as a replacement for salt to clear up snow-covered roads at sub-zero temperatures.

Keith Brown, Scotland's transport minister said the first tests of the liquid in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, were "encouraging".

The advantage of the solution is that it works even when the mercury drops to as low as minus 20C, when salt becomes ineffective.

Authorities hope that the de-icer will help remove even hard-packed snow and ice, and keep the transport network running at sub-zero temperatures.

Mr Brown said: "Last December we faced an unprecedented situation with the coldest weather for 100 years and it's right we continue to explore ways of continually improving our capacity to respond to severe weather."

It was the first test of the solution carried out in Scotland and it will now be stocked up in several places around Scotland to be used in severely chilly weather.

The trial comes after a major stretch of the M8 - the motorway which links Edinburgh and Glasgow - had to be shut for almost 48 hours last month because of ice and snow on the carriageway.

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