Schumacher apology to Barrichello

The German said his defensive move, which almost squeezed Barrichello in to the pit wall, was "too severe" and agreed that the FIA stewards were right in their judgment.

Schumacher's controversial act on Sunday saw him being handed a 10-place grid penalty for the Belgian Grand Prix on August 29.

He said in his website: "Straight after the race, I was still in the heat of the moment, but after seeing the scene against Rubens again, I have got to say that the stewards are right with their judgment: the manoeuvre against him was too severe.

"I obviously wanted to make it difficult for him to overtake me and I also showed him clearly that I did not want to let him past, but obviously I did not want to endanger him with my manoeuvre. If he feels this way, then sorry, that was not my intention."

However, this failed to satisfy Barrichello who said Schumacher had resorted to "a go-kart manoeuvre".

Saying that he was lucky to be alive after the incident, Barrichello said: "If he wants to go to heaven - in the event he is going to heaven - I don't want to go before him."

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