Save classic cars from `scrappage`

Potentially historic classic cars must be safeguarded from the Government`s `scrappage` scheme, say insiders.

And they are calling for the DVLA`s 25-year rolling deadline for classic cars to be reintroduced to save "interesting" vehicles from the crusher.

Says Simon Charlesworth, co-editor of classic e-magazine Dep-O: "In the short term, the scrappage scheme will do no nothing for people who are really hard up, other than artificially inflate the cost of old cars and subsidise more affluent new car buyers. In the long term, numbers of retro and future classic cars will be hit."

He is supported by John Yea, from British Motor Heritage, who says: "We have reports from one of our longest-established Mini specialists, Mini Mania in Germany, that their scrapping bonus has had an impact on the German classic Mini population. So it is a concern."

Both fear that although the scheme - £2,000 for trading in a car more than ten years old - will have little effect on pre-1973 classics, it will decimate older cars that would have been acknowledged as classic cars by the rolling deadline.

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