Satnav summit held by Government

Drivers who get lost by following out-of-date directions from their satnavs may be about to get some help as the Government is looking into the problem.

Local transport minister Norman Baker is leading a summit on the issue at theDepartment for Transport's headquarters in London, which will also address the issue of heavy goods vehicles being directed down roads they are not permitted to travel on.

As the issue might not be resolved for some time, motorists might want to purchasebreakdown cover to ensure they are not left stranded if their vehicle encounters mechanical difficulties while in secluded spots.

Those attending the event include highway authorities, mapping providers and satnav manufacturers..

Mr Baker said: "Out-of-date directions mean misdirected traffic - a scourge of local communities.

"I am pleased that all involved have agreed to work more closely to provide drivers with accurate, up-to-date information on traffic restrictions such as narrow roads or low bridges."

He added: "The summit will see a plan of action agreed to ensure motorists are given the best possible directions and help prevent huge lorries from being sent down narrow country lanes and through small villages.

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