Sat-navs shatter crematorium peace

Lorry drivers are in search of a better route planner because a sat-nav glitch is directing hundreds of 40-ton HGVs to a crematorium in west Wales.

Director of the Llanelli Crematorium, Marjorie Joplin, had four lorries interrupt peaceful funerals in one afternoon.

She said: "We average about eight a week but we've had 12 this week alone. It has been going on for years but it has gotten worse since the new roundabout was built. It is a lorry-load of trouble for us and there really doesn't seem to be an end in sight, no matter what we do."

The average count of 32 giant HGVs a month adds up to more than 350 a year.

She believes out of date sat-nav systems are directing drivers off the A4138 bypass because they do not take account of a new roundabout near the crematorium.

A lot of the HGVs are carrying loads for car parts plants on the Dafen Industrial Estate, off the next roundabout.

Drivers are left with no option but to enter the crematorium when they turn into Penprys Road which quickly tapers off into a tiny country lane.

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