Sat navs lead to strange incidents

Sat navs have led to a string of strange incidents including an old people's home receiving a bouncy castle and a driver heading for Tunbridge Wells arriving instead at London Bridge, a survey has revealed.

The poll for the website also discovered that one motorist was told by his device that he was driving on water, while another incident saw guests at a wedding sent to the wrong church.

Another motorist wanting to get to the coast arrived in a farmyard full of sheep.

The incident involving the bouncy castle was because the motorist had keyed in a digit of the postcode wrongly.

The poll also revealed that 56% of people questioned had shouted at their sat nav, while 79% had had "regular conversations" with their gadget.

The number of women who had found themselves in a field instead of the destination they intended was 20%, while the figure for men was 30%.

People enjoy the sat nav voices of Julie Walters, Billy Connolly and Nigella Lawson and would rather not listen to Baroness Thatcher, Simon Cowell or Catherine Tate, the survey found.

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