'Sat nav rage' affects 60% of Brits

Six out of 10 people who use satellite navigation systems have admitted to losing their temper with the dashboard device, research has revealed.

Shouting and swearing at the sat nav are some of the ways in which people vent their frustrations, the skobbler survey of 2,000 UK male and female motorists found.

The patience of drivers is most tested by annoying voice-overs, being taken on unnecessary round-about trips, dated maps and unclear directions.

But motorists can relax in the knowledge that their motor has car insurance, just in case any trips take an unexpected turn.

One in 10 drivers have stopped the car because they have been so frustrated with their sat nav, and one person even threw their device out of the car window.

British drivers aged 17-45 were questioned on their reliance on and relationship with their sat nav and on their motoring habits.

A fifth of people often got angry with their sat nav, while a tenth said every journey they get stressed out by something that happens.

Almost half (47%) of those questioned said their relationship with their sat a was of the love/hate variety.

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