`Sat nag` signals crashless future

A satellite navigation system dubbed 'sat nag' may be a signpost pointing to a crashless motoring future.

The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is being developed by TomTom and Navteq, a mapping company owned by mobile phone firm Nokia.

It can tell if you are taking corners too fast or hogging lanes, can recommend a good restaurant and act as a tour guide to poorly-signposted tourist sites.

It will also nag you to change gear, sound the alarm if there is imminent danger of a collision, and even to intervene to cut speed or avoid obstacles.

It is hoped that it will also reduce the number of cases of lorry drivers getting stuck down narrow country lanes after slavishly following their system`s directions.

Research at the University of Newcastle has found that the public like the idea of such a back-seat driver - but only so long as it can be switched of if it gets too overbearing.

They are expected to be available within three years, while such as BMW and Audi are expected to install them shortly. Many of the features, such as local guides and collision-warning systems, are already available in some luxury car models.

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