Sales boosting scrappage plan ends

The Government's car scrappage scheme has ended after contributing to a fifth of all new car registrations since its introduction.

Figures show that besides boosting vehicle sales, the initiative may also have helped support 4,000 jobs at manufacturers and suppliers across the the country.

Introduced in May last year to revive a flagging motor industry, the £400 million scheme offered a £2,000 discount to motorists who exchanged old models for new.

According to the Business Department, 54% buyers who scrapped their cars had never purchased a new car before, while 56% would not have bought a vehicle had the scheme not been introduced.

Six out of 10 people who took advantage of the initiative were more than 60 years old, while the average age of the scrapped cars was a little over 13 years.

New models bought under the scheme had average CO2 emissions of 133g per kilometre - 27% less than the average for scrapped cars.

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