Sales boost for BMW Group at BCA

British Car Auctions Nottingham recently hosted its first ever BMW Group Convertible sale uniquely combined with a repatriation event.

Car buyers were provided with an enjoyable auction experience at the sale, which generated a total turnover of £4.8million.

Around 300 vehicles were sold, with the 203 convertibles from BMW achieving a 100% conversion rate.

Hoping to make the best use of this unique opportunity, a total of 435 buyers registered for the sale.

More than £100,000 worth of additional bids were created by 306 online buyers and overall, 102 buyers made purchases on the day.

In keeping with the convertible car entry, the sale had a summery theme and featured a Caribbean steel band with complimentary refreshments for BMW buyers.

Simon Young of BCA said: "This was our first BMW Repatriation sale at BCA Nottingham. By bringing together eight of our business partners supported by the manufacturer we have created a knock-out event.

"The whole team put in a tremendous effort to make this a special occasion that saw some great sales and provided buyers with an enjoyable auction experience."

A second event has been scheduled for June 1 at BCA Nottingham.

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