Safety warning as cameras face axe

A joint statement has been issued by safety groups over plans by local councils to switch off speed cameras.

The statement claims cameras help save lives and should remain in high-casualty areas.

Cameras have already been scrapped in some places and other councils plan to phase them out.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is one of nine groups which signed the communique.

RoSPA, which has been in touch with some local authorities to talk about their speed camera plans, said the idea of the communique was to spark an informed debate about the usefulness of cameras.

Other signatories to the communique include the Institute of Road Safety Officers and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.

The communique said: "Speed cameras help to save lives - an estimated 100 lives a year in the UK.

"Lives are saved by reducing speeding. Speeding significantly increases the risk of an accident happening and also increases the severity of injuries in an accident.

"Cameras should continue to be used where casualty statistics show they are needed."

Supporters of keeping cameras argue that the fewer number of accidents not only saves lives but helps cutcar insurance claims, reducing premiums generally.

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