Safety tips for towed vehicles

In an effort to ensure a trouble-free journey during the summer holidays, the Highways Agency is urging people who tow a caravan, boat or horse box to follow some road safety steps.

Incidents relating to towed vehicles could not only cause inconvenience for their drivers, but also lead to long delays for other road users.

Overloading the caravan or trailer, a mismatch with the towing vehicle, as well as poor towing technique are some the factors that lead to towing incidents.

Highways Agency Director of Traffic Management, Simon Sheldon-Wilson, said: "Highways Agency Traffic Officers and our contractors are out on the motorway network day in, day out and see at first hand how incidents involving caravans and other towed vehicles can contribute to delays for other road users.

"While the majority of towed vehicles travel safely, recent incidents provide a timely reminder to anyone towing a trailer, boat, caravan or horse box this summer to prepare before they set out and take a few simple steps once they are out on the road to avoid becoming involved in an incident."

The safety steps include carrying out a final maintenance check before setting off, checking that the vehicle and trailer are loaded securely and weight is correctly distributed as well as ensuring the vehicle being driven is covered for recovery and breakdown.

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