Safety groups in road measures call

Immediate measures to improve road signs and markings will help save hundreds of lives a year, two of Europe's leading safety groups have said.

European Road Assessment Programme and the European new Car Assessment Programme said in a consultation document that a full-fledged review of signs and markings was required to pinpoint the sloppy areas in traffic regulations and accident monitoring.

Poor and dated road signs and marking systems offset the impact of the advanced and sophisticated devices for driver safety that are available in the market, the groups warned.

Roads and motor industry leaders should work together on new designs by focusing on helping drivers with two early technologies now offered in new cars - Lane Support and Speed Alert, said the document titled Roads that Cars can Read.

Lane Support can steer drifting vehicles back on path by working out the position of the vehicle against the lane markings. The technology helps save 200 lives on the roads of Europe every year.

Speed Alert is a system that warns drivers when the vehicle exceeds posted roadside speed limits.

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