Safety fears over speed technology

Safety fears over speed technology

Technology that automatically changes a car's speed could compromise safety, most drivers believe.

A poll by the Institute of Advanced Motorists ( IAM ) found 75% of motorists thought the technology may have a negative rather than positive impact on safety.

Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) systems use GPS to recognise road signs and alter a car's speed according to the official limits, without driver input. IAM spokesman Simon Best said over a third of the drivers surveyed saw this as a way of controlling them, and 78% opposed the technology being fitted in older cars.

Although 57% of drivers could not see ISAs having a positive impact on road safety, more than half saw benefits in terms of reducing the likelihood of a receiving a speeding conviction, which may help cut the costs of car insurance .

Despite the scepticism among drivers polled by the IAM, its chief executive Simon Best said ISA technology can save lives and that further research was required to convince drivers of this. He said there was a need to "reassure the public that this will reduce accidents and breakdowns ". Mr Best added that better and ongoing driver education would make the enforcement of ISAs unnecessary.

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