Safety campaign crashes and burns

Don`t fancy your car - or you girlfriend - any more? Blame the scratched paintwork, says a Somerset safety leaflet.

Or rather did, because the Show You Care Campaign on Valentine's Day has itself crashed and burned after claims that it "demeans women".

It shows young blonde in a short skirt on a car beside the headline: "Last Valentine's Day my girlfriend agreed to model with my car. They looked fantastic together."

Underneath is a picture of a wrecked car and a woman with a scratched face, captioned: "Later, I drove too fast and we crashed ... it changed them both for life."

Says Brenda Weston of Equality South-West: "They are just pandering to the lowest common denominator, using sex appeal to attract the attention of young men who might be speeding.

"If this leaflet was deemed successful I'd like to know what criteria was used. For it to be pushed around colleges where young women are there to learn and take their careers seriously is also insulting."

But says Somerset Road Safety Partnership: "We had total support from the heads of the colleges and from our target audience. It is not for 50 year olds, but boyfriends crashing their cars."

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