Safe driving system in development

Safe driving system in development

A new in-car safety system is being developed to replace the "voice in your head", or even that of a passenger, saying that you are driving too fast.

Engineers at Japan's Fukuoka Institute of Technology are developing what they call a "safe driving promotion system" in collaboration with heavy goods vehicle maker UD Trucks. The system will sense when you are driving too close to another vehicle to stop in time.

The immediate risk of your driving technique is then brought starkly home by an audible warning of how badly you would be injured if you crashed. This warning could take various forms, ranging from a blunt "you would die if you crashed at this speed," or "your car could burst into flames if it rolled over here," to a dramatic "dear God you're going to kill us all!"

Currently patent-pending, the system uses the cameras, radar, sonar and laser sensors already found in many modern cars to assess the distance to the car in front. It can then use data from your reaction time during previous journeys, ie. how quickly you have braked when another car's brake lights have come on, and uses this along with your kinetic energy at the time to calculate whether you would be able to stop in the event of an emergency.

The type of audible warning will depend on the severity of the impending risk.

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