Safe driving scheme facing axe

A police-run scheme which aims to make future drivers more road-savvy is facing the axe.

Wise Drive - Drive for Life was launched by Durham Police in 2001 after research showed drivers aged 17 to 25 - who made up just one in 10 of licence-holders in the force area - were involved in 40% of road accidents.

About 12,000 pre-driving age students have taken part in Wise Drive courses since then, and officers are convinced it has played a part in a reduction in road casualties.

But financial constraints mean this year's course may be the last, unless new funding can be found.

Pc Dave Nixon, who has organised all 13 Wise Drive courses, said: "A large percentage of our young drivers now aged 17-25 attended a Wise Drive event when they were younger, and we are convinced what they learn stays with them for years. If there are any potential sponsors out there we would love to hear from them.

Good driving not only makes you a safer and more respectful road user, it could also keep your car insurance costs down.

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