Rush hour lorry protest scaled back

A potentially crippling lorry demonstration in the Republic of Ireland's capital has been scaled back after organisers said they wanted to limit the disruption to the ordinary public.

Dublin would have been brought to a standstill had the protesters' original plans succeeded, as they previously wanted to cause gridlock with about 250 HGVs, trucks and articulated lorries. Plans were changed as the demonstrators got near to the city at rush hour.

The protest was planned by Quinn Group customers to demonstrate against the Financial Regulator's decision to place Quinn Insurance in administration.

The city's Liffey quays saw a demonstration of up to 50 drivers, with the rest of the convoy driving a loop around the M50.

One of the organisers, Paddy Clarke, said: "We want to make our point but we are also conscious of keeping the disruption to the ordinary public at a minimum."

The protest was delayed on the N7 after organisers decided to limit disruption for commuters and waited for the rush hour traffic to pass.

Employees at the Quinn Group, who themselves organised a series of public demonstrations over the restrictions to business, distanced themselves from the lorry protest.

"We as Quinn employees appreciate all the support we are getting from the public and customers alike. The rally taking place in Dublin is a completely independent initiative," a spokeswoman said.

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