Royal weddings 'would fix potholes'

More royal nuptials could help accelerate road repair work, resulting in smoother surfaces across the UK, an MP has joked.

Conservative Greg Knight said more royal weddings should be conducted in order to help fix the country's potholed roads.

Ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton tying the knot on April 29, road surfaces on the procession route between Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace were repaired.

Speaking during discussions on future Parliamentary business, the Tory called on Leader of the House Sir George Young to allow time for a talk on royal weddings.

Mr Knight said: "Early last week potholes in Parliament Square were filled in and areas of damaged Tarmac in and around the square were resurfaced.

"Can we have a debate to see what we can do to encourage more royal weddings to take place, preferably to be held around the country, including East Yorkshire, so the rest of us can have an adequate road surface to drive on?"

Another royal wedding between the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips and England rugby star Mike Tindall is due to take place this summer in Edinburgh.

Sir George, a keen cyclist often spotted riding around Parliament Square, said: "I'm sure Buckingham Palace will have taken note."

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