Row continues over `juice` points

An energy firm remains locked in dispute with a council over the use of the word "juice" on vehicle charging points in London.

Npower says Westminster City Council has infringing its trademark by naming recharging points for electric cars "juice points".

The company has already registered a green energy service called "npower Juice" as a trademark, and it wants Westminster to change the name of its scheme.

Representatives met for the first time at a meeting at Westminster City Hall, and a council spokesman said: "Although the meeting was constructive we are still some way off resolving the issue.

"Npower appear to be moving away from their legal threat but are still insisting juice is their word to use."

A spokeswoman for the energy firm said: "We wish Westminster Council every possible success with their recharging initiatives - but under their names not ours.

"We originally developed Juice in conjunction with Greenpeace back in 2001 and we have 50,000 customers - we do think there is real potential for confusion with our customers believing that it is our Juice electricity which supplies the Westminster recharging points."

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, part funds Westminster's 60 free recharging points.

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