Rolls-Royce open Paris showroom

It appears to be a match made in heaven, after luxury car brand Rolls-Royce cruised into Paris for the first time.

The firm has opened a showroom in the stylish French capital and has not cut back on the trimmings either.

The building has enough room for three Roll-Royces, has space to show customers samples of trim and upholstery and also contains an espresso bar.

Boss of Rolls-Royce, Torsten Müller-Ötvös said, "Paris is a global capital of style and fine living. I am delighted to see the new French home of Rolls-Royce in the heart of Paris, which complements the unique mood of the city, as well as the core values of our company."

Eric Neubauer, dealer principal, said, "The investment in our new showroom underpins our successful business partnership with Rolls-Royce in France. Working with our architects we were keen to create an atmosphere befitting the Spirit of Ecstasy, as we celebrate the centenary of this famous figurine."

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