Rolls-Royce hides its light under a bushel

Rolls-Royce hides its light under a bushel

A Rolls-Royce that has been deliberately altered to look "ugly" is up for sale on eBay.

The seller's challenge to buyers of 'dare to be different' doesn't seem to have been taken up as yet. Bids have not even hit the car's reserve price yet.

But this is hardly surprising, since it has been deliberately "downgraded" and appears an all too likely candidate for breakdown assistance. It looks more suitable for a scrap heap than pride of place in any classic car collection.

This practice has become known as "rat-rodding" and is not uncommon among smaller vehicles such as Volkswagen Beetles and 1990s Polos.

The silencer has been removed from its exhaust system, which has been connected to its V8 6.75-litre engine to make "lovely tones" without blowing people's ears off.

Its petrol gauge is broken, the Roller's high-class tyres have been replaced by "low-profile" ones and the current owner admits that it leaks green-coloured fluid.

Rusting paint and a far lower drive height almost completes the downmarket look.

Finally the number plate "B10WJD" has been modified in a lewd twist. The plates, mounted deliberately askew, feature a black bolt cover in the middle of the D, to make it look more like a B.

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