Rolls Royce backs push into SUV sector

Rolls Royce backs push into SUV sector

One of the world's leading luxury car manufacturers have defended a move into the sports utility vehicle (SUV) market.

Motorists buying a car from Rolls-Royce will be given the chance to own a hotly-anticipated model, being built in response to demand from customers, particularly in Asia and the Middle-East.

Its chief executive John Rishton and chairman Ian Davis have written a joint open letter directed at the motor industry in a bid to dispel criticisms of the decision.

They described the London-based company as being at the summit of the country's luxury manufacturing.

The pair said that the past had nudged the firm towards the decision, with the future calling it to action. This is because Rolls-Royces have transported luminaries across vast, unchartered regions in mountainous and desert areas with "absolute" comfort and reliability.

Rolls-Royce said it would not rush the project while the new luxury concept is being perfected, maintaining the marque's great traditions.

The new SUV will be able to move across any terrain while retaining the luxury that Rolls-Royce owners have come to expect.

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