Roads 'need more investment'

Roads 'need more investment'

The Government is spending £4 billion a year on green transport and utility projects, which would be better spent on improving the country's infrastructure, according to an independent think tank.

Reform said in a report that the UK's infrastructure has been left "creaking" by politicians' desire to spend money elsewhere, on projects like windpower. The UK is ranked 34th in the world for the quality of its infrastructure. Meanwhile, they said, private road and rail investments have been blocked.

The group suggested that the money spent on green projects should go on road improvements and nuclear power, which, in turn, would reduce carbon emissions.

It said that by phasing out the money spent on green energy, "a new culture of entrepreneurship in infrastructure" would be introduced, bringing competition to roads and rail, and lowering costs.

The think tank complained that the Government's plans to levy £2.8 billion on utility bills for new energy and broadband projects were "uneconomic".

Reform's deputy director Elizabeth Truss said: "The UK is on a road to nowhere. Vast amounts of taxpayers' money is being spent subsidising uneconomic activity. Meanwhile positive investments are blocked."

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