Roads deaths `a people problem`

A new advertising campaign against dangerous driving features the disturbing experiences of a real-life accident and emergency doctor.

Dr Gerry Lane reveals details of terrible injuries he has had to deal with in Northern Ireland, and tells of the unenviable job of informing the next of kin.

He said at the launch of the Crashed Lives campaign: "This is what I have to deal with every day, and what drives me and all my colleagues crazy is that it is all absolutely, in general, preventable.

"This is a people problem. The statistics are telling us that driver impairment through alcohol and drugs is the principal cause of accidents in more than 20% of incidents, with speed more than 26% and carelessness, inattention and losing focus nearly 40%."

The consultant has worked in A&E wards for 16 years, and says: "Road safety is not an accident, most of these events are predictable and foreseeable and therefore preventable."

In Northern Ireland, thirty-eight people have died on the roads this year, and 107 last year. Although these are some of the lowest figures since records began, Dr Lane warns that complacency may cost more lives.

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